Finding the Right Treatment for You

Grafton Physio + Sport is always looking to find new ways to deliver the latest evidence based therapy and treatments to our clients, as we challenge ourselves to excel in all areas.

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Physiotherapy assesses, diagnoses, treats, and works to prevent disease and disability through physical means...

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Pilates is a system of exercises intended to strengthen mind and body, improves flexibility, strength and develops control...

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Exercise Physiology

Accredited Exercise Physiologists specialise in the delivery of exercise and lifestyle modifications...

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Gym Classes

Our clinicians provide a range of classes to assist with rehabilitation and injury recovery, build and improve...



Hydrotherapy is physiotherapy treatment and exercise performed in water to improve joint movement, relieve pain and...

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Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a low impact form of exercise, originating from Ancient Chinese martial arts. It consists of slow and continuous move...