Had your eyes tested and still have a headache?

You may be suffering from a cervicogenic headache.

As much as 1/3 of all headaches can be attributed to loss of movement or tension in the neck, or first 3 levels of the upper cervical spine, and are called 'cervicogenic headaches'.

Cervicogenic headaches are painful, often unremitting and don't go away without treatment.

The good news is that unlike a migraine, cervicogenic headache is fixable with physio joint mobilisation techniques and specialised exercise.

A physiotherapist can determine by examining your spinal movement, what kind of headache you have. There are many causes of headaches, so let's take a look at what causes a cervicogenic headache.

What makes you at risk of cervicogenic headache?

  • Forward head position

  • Slumped or poor posture

  • Prolonged or repeated time in a poor position (think hours at a computer/bent over a desk or work top)

Where's your headache?

Cervicogenic headache pain is often at the base of your skull or forehead, can be left or right sided, or both sides. It can be constant and not eased by medication but helped by heat.

Cervicogenic headaches may be

accompanied by light sensitivity, visual disturbance or wooziness, but an aura or room spin dizziness can be features of a different kind of headache migraine or vestibular migraine, and examined accordingly by your physio.

What about those new multifocal glasses?

Yes, they are the perfect prescription for your eyes and we have a great choice of good optometrists here in Grafton. However, to use those perfect new prescription glasses (with the oh-so-cute and way over-budget frame you splurged on - or maybe that was just me..!), you need great neck movement in the first 3 levels in your spine to put your head in a position that makes your glasses work correctly. Lack of movement in those upper cervical levels is a problem that can cause headaches if your neck doesn't move enough for you to use multifocal lenses.

What to do?

So, if you are still experiencing headache and your eyes are fine, come and see one of our physiotherapists! You can book an appointment over the phone on (02) 6643 5646 or online. Remember to mention you read this blog post to receive your free cervicogenic headache exercise program pack.

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