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Providing over 15 years of quality physiotherapy and support to the Grafton community

At Grafton Physio+Sport, our vision is to empower our patients through education and injury management, to live their best active life.

Our physiotherapists will assess your problem, what's caused it and map a way out with hands-on treatment to reduce pain and improve movement. Then restore normal function with strength and retraining in our modern rehab gym.

Uniquely, attending classes at our Grafton Physio+Sport rehab gym targets your exact problem with exercises and intervention that the research tells us works. We offer individual screening and set you up with a tailored program supervised by our qualified physiotherapists or exercise physiologists in small classes.

We believe in doing our best at every step of your treatment journey, from accurate initial consultation through to your best possible outcome.



Initial Consultation

It is helpful to wear loose comfortable clothing that is easy to move in. During the initial assessment your physiotherapist will hear your story, ask key questions about your problem and from there, carry out a thorough examination.


At the end of the initial consultation, you will be given a diagnosis and your physiotherapist will walk you through your treatment plan. This is a list of the key elements of your issue and what we and you can do to help fix or manage it.


Your treatment plan outlines measures we use to re-test after treatment; enabling us to track and monitor your progress.


At this assessment your physiotherapist will guide you through options and discuss the best solution for getting you fixed. This may include further tests such as an x-ray, MRI and or consulting with your GP or specialist.

Cost & Pricing

Physiotherapy from $82 - $107

Exercise Physiology from $72 - $82

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Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to attend an appointment Grafton Physio+Sport require 24 hours' notice. We are a busy practice and have many patients waiting on emergency cancellation lists so the more notice you give is much appreciated.

Notice less than four hours before the appointment time will be charged a late cancellation fee.

Failure to attend an appointment without notice incurs a non-attendance fee. For more information regarding our cancellation policy, please call us on (02) 6643 5646.