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Gym classes

Please note referral to all classes require an initial screening assessment from one of our clinicians.

Strength and Conditioning

Strength and conditioning provides exercises specific to your condition (therapeutic exercises) that we know work, based on research that has proven their effect. Having a movement specialist with a four year physio, exercise physiology or musculoskeletal therapy degree means you have the unique luxury of doing what you need for optimum recovery based on best evidence.

Osteoarthritis (OA classes)

Osteoarthritis is aged related joint wear and tear, it's a natural part of ageing.

But your work and your genetics have a big impact. The OA class is based on a fantastic research program from Auckland NZ which looked at the impact of strength, balance, endurance and functional training. If you participate in a class for one hour twice a week this study showed a reduction in joint related pain, a 40% reduction in falls risk, and a reduction the pain and disability related to your joint arthritis. Our class is aimed at improving strength, speed and function, it's a two minute intensity circuit format, doesn't use stretching (because stretching doesn't impact your falls risk) and is supervised by our degree qualified movement specialist clinicians. Participants range in age from 60-94.

Fit for life

Fit for Life is designed for women (or men) in the 40-75 year old age group. This has been designed to meet the unique needs of people this age. Did you know menopause and being big round your middle and muscle weakness all increase the risk of developing tendon problems? Being strong in your leg and gluteal muscles slows down the rate of the progression of arthritis. This is a challenging class in a circuit format includes weights, balance and coordination and exercises can be tailored for your specific needs when your physio refers you to this class.

Exercise Physiology, Diabetes, Lifestyle Management

Addresses with concrete solutions, durable exercise and lifestyle change to address the risk your activity level, diet and lifestyle pose to your health.

Better breathing/ Pulmonary Exercise Programme

Uses respiratory training equipment accredited by the Better Breathing Programme to improve your inspiratory volume, vital capacity, quality of life and reduces the number of hospital admissions, particularly in sedentary people with a respiratory problem.